Rachel Gallen Ms Skincare Beauty Salon - Foot Massage
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Foot Massage - €17/30mins

The foot massage has been practiced for many centuries for its various benefits. Our feet contain greater than 7,000 nerves. By stimulating them gently you can get pleasurable and relaxing sensations.

Foot massage helps the whole person. By massaging the feet you are encouraging better blood flow and stimulating nerves that, in turn, energizes, balances and nurtures the entire body. Good foot health also encourages better body alignment and support of the spine.


  • Helps to relieve anxiety and induce deep relaxation.
  • Reduces stress and facilitates unimpeded blood flow throughout the body.
  • Facilitates homeostasis and optimum functioning of the body's systems
  • Removes blockages to enable proper energy flow throughout the body. This can give you more energy and vitality to perform daily tasks.
  • Heals and relaxes our body and mind, and protects against stress-related ailments.
Foot Massage